Ghosts We Forget

by Suicide Swans



debut album "Ghosts We Forget'
Track Listing:
1. Torn and Frayed
2. See Similar Stars
3. Safe in Our Arms
4. Shadows of the Light
5. In Spite of the Dark Times
6. Everything Must Pass
7. Confetti
8. Marriage Song
9. Pinkhearts
10. Sudden Myth
11. Someone's Chrome
12. Great Divide
13.Newspaper Boats
14. Pine Mountain


released September 19, 2014

All songs and lyrics written by Kyle Jenkins, All music Suicide Swans
All produced by Suicide Swans, recorded and Mixed by Benjamin Lancaster @ By The Living Grace, Mastered by Greg Calbi @ Sterling Sound NY



all rights reserved


Suicide Swans Brisbane, Australia

Open the gates & stand clear Suicide Swans are an Australian band through constant live shows display the ragged glory and swagger of rock, laid back country & dashes of pop, that has seen the band grow into a live force they term cosmic country. Their live sound includes waves of keys, textures & a new found penchant for experimentation, tossing in a mix of country, rock and a hint of pop. ... more

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Track Name: Great Divide
Well as you got lost in the suburbs
A mystery that is just the thing
In this room full of vibrations
Oh come on now, you’re not the only one suffering

Well it’s the feelings you can hide
They only want you when you die
As you cross the great divide

As you ventured crawling through the meadows
Getting lost out there amongst the breeze
Well some they had friendly faces
Oh come on now, it all works in a minor key

Well a tilting arc is beautifully broken
Carried around on two broken knees
Shopping malls are collapsed rebellion
Oh come on now, it’s a psychic you can believe

Well depressions just lonely pride
Highways are for us to hide
As you cross the great divide
Oh come on now, they built blindly into the sky
You’ve got to learn to have an alibi
As you cross the great divide
Track Name: In Spite of the Dark Times
When I look at the things that say that I'm
Bound in love by you
And inside the vows that somehow
So exciting and brand new
So when I look around at all the beautiful things
This world has ever produced
None of them compare in anyway
To you and only you

And through all the commotion of our hectic lives
Mixed up in devotion a breath breathed in a sigh
And if my heart breaks will you be there to catch me when I fall
In spite of the dark times I will love you endlessly

I love you more than the stars love the sky
In a state of transient progress
Pull back the curtains just for a moment now
These moves are so complex

And in an eye where an eye is still sharp
I can act like a fountain head
And there are vacations I never thought to go on
Like when Einstein takes to his bed
And those metal trees we dreamed to climb
An architect who can’t create to feel
Everything seems to be floating down stream
Change colours so the black turns to teal
Track Name: Confetti
Short term Sally, She caused a scene
In between, Someone or another
And oh now maybe, She’s on the run
Having fun, You can never keep her
Cause when she go downtown, She really go down,
Can you believe it
And oh my now how she like to get around
Everybody needs it

Are you ready
Yeah I’m ready
I’m ready
As ready as I’ll ever be
Are you steady
Like confetti
I’m steady
Yeah I’m steady on my feet

Well long tall Bobby, He works the sums
Rob someone, Everybody knows him
And oh how he likes to come around, A drowning sound
Nothing to believe in
Cause when he break on down, He really breaks down
Who’s gonna take it
And I know that you were never allowed
To become what you’re needing

Now short term Brenda, She struts along
While she thumbs, At the streets that feed her
And oh my baby, How she’s loved
By someone, Any time when you need her
Cause when the buildings shake, They never fall down
Down in the alley
And you are the best thing to arrive in this town
Can you believe it